The effect of music on my life:

WHERE DO I BEGIN!?!? Music is the foundation that defines who I am. I have been listening to music ever since i was little. I could listen to the same song over and over as a child. I mean on a hour 2 hour road trip i would have the same song playing over and over, and i put my parents through this actually, a lot of times when i was little. There was likely only one specific song that calmed me down, and all other songs, I would scream. So it was either hear the same song over and over or hear me screaming. Wouldn’t you love being my parents? 

As  I matured, so did my music listening. I began listening to the radio then graduated to albums.

Also, music makes me feel connected and reminds that I am a human and have valid emotions. I can express myself and have my own “identity’ through it. I have a spotify subscription currently with a TON of playlists …im talking like 50 playlists!

My Music Taste

Now, my music taste ranges everything from Passion Pit to Tool. I like music that either 1) pushes the envelope and makes you think or  2) is emotional. I used to tell people I like Alternative rock, punk, and metal, but i think these are very broad terms. Metal has too many sub categories and alternative rock-well…what makes it alternative? Nonetheless, the music I listen to is important to me and I have a few bands I absolutely love.

Death Cab For Cutie

Foo Fighters

Metallica, (had the 8th grade metallica obsession phase :p)

Iron Maiden

Tool (they actually have some intelligent songs, like their infamous song Forty-six and two).

I am literally everywhere and these are just ‘big dogs’ of music and there are tons of smaller, but still great artists


Plague Vendor

Cloud Nothings

July Talk

The Growlers

Just to name a few. I love making playlists of all the music I am currently listening to and updating them as I find new tracks. I have three playlists of music I like listening too.